Ann Millgate and Rory Ocampo

Charlynn Willis and Sr. Teresa

Dee, Joanne, Linda, Eileen, Charlynn, Sandy, Leonia and Rena

e 10, 2009      Dot McNamara, Mildred Josefson,
e 10, 2009 Dot McNamara, Mildred Josefson,

Dot McNamara, Mildred Josefson, Bette Levy and ?

Eileen Jackson, Toni Aiello, Charlynn Willis and Margaret Hart

Eileen Jackson, Toni Aiello, Dee Carroll, Margaret Hart and Peggy Hanlon

Induction of new members

Jane LeMaster, ? and Leonia Sagasta

Joanne Stevenson and Dee Carroll

Joanne, Linda, Dee, Leonia, Toni, Eileen, Charlynn, Kathleen, Rena and Sandy

Past Presidents and new members.

Rena Pincus and Charlynn Willis

Community Service Awards  

Palm Restaurant - Tribeca - June 10, 2009
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