SI NYC's 90th Anniversary Celebration

The Cornell Club
October 25, 2014  (click on image to enlarge)

SI NYC celebrating 90 years of community service.

Lois Beilin (Past SINYC President), Bernadette McElroy (SIA NAR Governor) & Marie D'Amato-Rizzi (District I Director).

Paulette Forbes-Ighard (SI NYC Past President), Bette Levy (SIM), Lydie’s daughter & Lydie Toscani

Aliye P. Celik (SI NYC Past President)


Paulette Forbes-Ighard & Kathleen Hanna (SIM member)

Lydie Toscani, Leonia Sagasta (SIM), Jane LeMaster (SIM) & Eleanor

Branislava Saveljic-Balac (SI NYC President)

SIM members: Sandy Gabin, Kathleen Hanna & Bette Levy

Alan L. Laming, Maria Hudson SI NYC Immediate Past President), Patricia Guilloton-Laming (SI NYC Past President), Mae Gamble (Chair, Women's Opportunity Awards Committee), Paulette Forbes-Ighard, ?, Caroline Themm (SI NYC UN Representative) and (seated) Kristin Hetle (Director, UN Women Strategic Partnerships Division).