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The TRENA Community Service Award was created in memory of Treva J.  Owre and Rena Pincus, both deceased members of SIM and once very active in the community in addition to SIM.  Treva and Rena coordinated SIM's Valentine Party at the Dwelling Place for many years.
The Trena Community Service Award is given, at the discretion of SIM members, to a woman honoring her service to the community.


Treva J. Owre
Treva was a founding member of SIM who actively participated in all of its activities. She was the driving force behind many of SIMs community service projects, particularily The Dwelling Place and Hour Children. She was also one of the first responders of our group to initiate working with 911 survivors. Treva passed away in 2006.


Rena Pincus
Rena was also a founding member of SIM.  
"There were few commitments in her life that she cherished more than being part of Soropotimist. Her respect and love for this organization and the ladies she shared time with was a constant topic of conversation at home. It has been 3 years (2012) since she has gone to rest permanently, but her memory is very much alive in the hearts and minds of our family and the many friends she made in her whole her life."
Excerpt of text provided by Rena's son,
Peter.  Click here to read the full text. 


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