2015 Gift Bag Prepping for Dwelling Place Gathering

Our Lady of Pompeii Senior Center
March 2, 2015  (click on image to enlarge)

SIM annually stuffs and gives gift bags to the ladies residing at the Dwelling Place for Valentines Day. Due the consisitent snowfalls, the stuffing of gift bags had to be postponed several weeks.

Nor even reading glasses helped to read some of the labels! (Julia)

Leonia bringing out the goods.

What is this?! (Fred)

Finally! We have stuffed gift bags!!

The crew pray that it don't snow the week of March 17th or 18th! (Julia, Fran, Dee, Angelina, Leonia & Kathy)

Julia, Fran, Dee, Fred, Leonia & Kathy -- we also had some great pizza! Thank you Kathy for the hospitality!!