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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards program. We hope you find this resource helpful as you complete and submit your application. If you have additional questions, please contact




Do I need to have dependents to be eligible for a Live Your Dream Award?


Yes. Women with dependents face unique barriers as they strive to improve their lives while also providing support for their family. Therefore, the Live Your Dream Awards are for women who are the primary financial providers for themselves AND their dependent(s). Dependents include, but are not limited to: children, spouse, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and grandparents. 


How important is financial need when applying for a Live Your Dream Award?


The Live Your Dream Awards are for women who are struggling to meet the financial needs of their family while also attending school or a training program. When selecting award recipients, reviewers closely examine the financial need section of the application and compare the applicant’s total annual income to total annual expenses. Financial need is then taken into consideration when selecting award recipients.


If I am earning a second undergraduate degree or taking accreditation courses, am I still eligible to apply for a Live Your Dream Award?


Yes. You are eligible to apply if you are working toward a second undergraduate degree or are taking accreditation courses that you need in order to use your bachelor’s degree, such as courses for a nurse’s or teacher’s accreditation certificate.


Can I apply for a Live Your Dream Award if I am enrolled in or have been accepted into a master’s degree program?


No. The Live Your Dream Awards program is only for women pursing an undergraduate degree or attending a vocational/skills training program. 


I am not a citizen of the United States, but am living, working and studying in the country. Am I still eligible to apply for a Live Your Dream Award?


Yes. As long as you meet all other requirements of the award you are eligible to apply. 


I have received a Live Your Dream Award in the past. Can I apply again?


No. If you have already received a Live Your Dream Award, you are ineligible to apply. 


If I am related to a Soroptimist member am I eligible to apply for an award?


If you are an immediate family member of a Soroptimist, you are ineligible to apply. Immediate family is defined to include parents, siblings, children and grandchildren by adoption, blood or marriage. If you are related in a way that is not defined as “immediate,” you are eligible to apply.




How do I complete and save the on-line application on my computer or USB/thumb drive?


It is very important that you save the application before you begin entering information. Otherwise, you risk losing any information you have entered and will need to begin again. 


To complete your application and save it, please follow the steps listed below:


  • Save the writable PDF file onto your computer or onto a USB/thumb drive if you are working on a public computer. (If you immediately begin filling out the writable PDF file without having saved it onto your computer or USB/thumb drive, your information will not save.)

  • Open the writable PDF file you just saved onto your computer or onto a USB/thumb drive.

  • Using your mouse, click on the blank space designated for answers.

  • A cursor will appear.

  • Type in the correct information.

  • Once you have completed the application, select “Save As” from the “File” menu and change the file name (for example, “WOAappLG.pdf,” where “LG” are your initials.) Then click “Save.”

  • After the document is completed and saved, you will be able to email it as an attachment. 


Who will read my application? Will my personal statement be made public?


Only Soroptimist club members and award judges will have access to your application. Your complete application, including your personal statement, will remain confidential. Should you receive an award, your information will be shared only if your consent is granted. 


I am not sure how to figure out my annual income and expenses. Can you help me?


If you are not sure what your annual income and expenses are, simply multiply your monthly income and expenses by 12, or your weekly income and expenses by 52. 


How do I sign an on-line application?


To sign your on-line application, type your name in the space provided. This will serve as your electronic signature.




Can I use a family member as a reference?


No. You will need two different people who are not related to you to serve as your references. 


Who can I ask to be a reference?


You can ask your teachers, employers or friends to serve as a reference for you.


Do my references need to use the reference form or can they submit a letter of recommendation?


Your reference will need to use the provided reference form. Letters of recommendation or any other type of reference other than the official reference form will not be accepted. 


Can my references send in the reference forms separately? 


No. The application and references forms must be submitted together and must be submitted by you. Please ask your references to return the reference forms to you so that you can submit them along with your application. 




When is the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award application due?


All award applications are due by November 15 of each year. Applications may be submitted online through the Soroptimist website between July 1 and November 15 of each year. 


Where do I submit my application?


Please submit the application to the address on the application.


Can I submit my application to more than one Soroptimist club?


No. Each applicant may only submit one application to one club. 


What happens after I submit my application?


It will be reviewed by a panel of judges who will select the award recipient. 



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